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Certified translation services in Chicago

Do you need a certified translator in Chicago to translate official documents?
Certified translators in Chicago, 001 Translations - Chicago works in 70 languages and can meet all of your official translation and linguistic needs.

A certified translator will translate your documents completely confidentially. 001 Translations in Chicago delivers fast and official translations of any confidential documents using certified translators.


We are members of the American Translators Association (ATA)

When you choose 001 Translations - Chicago, you are selecting top-tier, professional translations in any language, crucial for international business communication among enterprises in Chicago and throughout the United States. Our extensive network of skilled translators enables us to provide certified, notarized, apostilled, or sworn translations recognized in a majority of countries.

By assembling certified translators from various governmental entities such as federal agencies, state governments, municipal administrations, as well as legal institutions including district courts, circuit courts, and federal courts, 001 Translations - Chicago can proficiently translate any official legal document for individuals and businesses in the United States and worldwide.


Translator par excellence

With 30 years of experience serving international customers, 001 Translations is one of the few translation agencies in the world to provide its customers with an instant online estimate in just 5 seconds, completely free of charge and without any obligation.


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Since its creation in 1990, our team has accomplished a lot. Below are some interesting facts and statistics about our translation company

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We translate and certify any document below

Birth certificate Marriage certificate Death certificate
Non-marriage certificate Civil partnership certificate Acknowledgment of parternity
Family book Certificate of name change Life certificate
Identity card Passport Residence permit
Naturalization certificate Apostille Other document
High school diploma Bachelor's degree Master's degree
PhD Diploma (other) High school transcript
Middle school transcript University transcript Certificate of achievement / certificate of diploma
Certificate of registration Certificate of studies Certificate of attendance
Letter of recommendation Other document
Extract from the criminal record
Driving licence Car registration document Driving record Certificate of entitlement to drive Other document
Divorce decree Adoption order Court decree (other) Testimonial Other document
Bank statement Bank certificate Loan agreement Other document
Certificate of Automobile Insurance Certificate of Liability Certificate of home insurance Medical insurance Other document
Declaration of loss or theft Other document
Tax Notice Other document
Employment contract Certificate of employment Payslip / salary slip CV Other document
Company registration certificate Articles of Association Minutes of the General Meeting
Balance sheet / income statement Contract Apostille
Other document
Rental / lease agreement Rent receipt Other document
Deed / Agreement of Sale Deed / Estate Summons
Marriage contract Donation Power of Attorney
Will Apostille Other document
Medical certificate Health / vaccination record PCR test Other document